Begin Drafting the Public Service Message

  1. Students begin to map out their message and the media that will be used to project their message. What two or three points will they emphasize? How will their recommendations be bolstered by statistics? How will they graphically, or otherwise, demonstrate that events are not random and are subject to probability?

Tips and Tools

Students will need to explore various methods of promoting their message. Will they create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or simple website? Will they use Blogster to spread their message? Or will they create a kit or poster?

Have students use their Daily Learning Logs to prepare for finalization of projects. What materials do they need? How will tasks be assigned? Teams should set a schedule for completion of their presentation in three working days  

Have plenty of resources for students to look at, including 13 Tips to Designing Websites for Teens, Blogster, Padlet, Prezi, Doceri, and Haiku Deck. Explanations about these sites can be found in the Tools and Resources