Project Kickoff

Your Challenge: The challenge in this project is to learn the fundamentals of probability and apply them in a relevant, realistic way to your own life decisions. The important goal is to understand that decisions have probable outcomes and are not just random events.

Driving Question: In this project, you will craft the final Driving Question for your particular focus of study, using the following template:

How can we use statistics and probability to advocate successfully for making informed decisions about [blank]? Students will choose their own topic of study or chose from four recommended topics:

  • Driving and cell phone use
  • Diet and health
  • Professional athletics
  • Costs associated with a college education

3. Critical Concepts:.

  • Experimental and theoretical probability
  • Probability distributions and frequency tables
  • Permutations and commutations
  • Compound probability
  • Conditional probability

Begin with this video about probability theory and randomness (6 minutes).

Explore the Khan Academy course on probability.

If you have no or little experience with PBL, your teacher may ask you to watch the video Project Based Learning: Explained (approximately 4 minutes) or a video on PBL and mathematics (approximately 30 minutes).