Begin Predesign Work on Arena

  1. Teams review websites on multipurpose arenas to gain design ideas. 
  2. Teams decide on the second sport that they will include in their arena design.
  3. Teams begin a rough design sketch showing the dimensions of the parcel and the dimensions of the fields/playing space for the two sports they have chosen.
  4. If time permits, teams share rough ideas using the Creative Questions or See Think Wonder Visible Thinking Routines. 
  5. Teams may assign roles (e.g. experts in web research) or divide up tasks (e.g. Google SketchUp or research into dimensions of fields/playing areas).

Tips and Tools

Teams should be able to use basics of Google SketchUp, including geo-mapping. Depending on resources, teams may also use other formats, such as hand-built models or drawings.

Teams should save all work.

Have students enter their observations (what they learned, what they need to learn, etc) in their Daily Learning Logs