Form Teams and Identify Areas of Interest for the Project

  1. Introduce the rationale for teamwork. This is a 21st century skill essential in the workplace.
  2. Assign or create teams of 2 to 3 students.
  3. Have teams review and discuss the Teamwork Rubric
  4. Design an initial task for the teams. Have teams view videos or other online resources that explain the Pythagorean theorem. Each team brainstorms three questions and shares questions and answers with a second team. Discuss: What do we know about Pythagorean theorem now? What questions do we have?
  5. Identify the audience. If time allows, have teams brainstorm a potential audience for their presentation.

Tips and Tools

If necessary, use the team-building resources in the Resources section to establish effective working teams.
Team Roles
Conflict Resolution Speak
Rules for High Performance Collaboration

Teams should establish a task list using the Project Milestones Checklist. This document can be filled out by hand, but will be modified as the project proceeds.

Start Daily Learning Logs for individuals or teams. If the log will be graded, announce grading standards and expectations.