Getting to Know the Project: Note to Teachers

designing a winner.PNGWelcome to the Designing a Winner Project. The project will require approximately six weeks to complete and will address the key CCSS for geometry in the following clusters:
  • Understand similarity in terms of similarity transformations.
  • Prove theorems involving similarity.
  • Define trigonometric ratios and solve problems involving right triangles.
  • Apply trigonometry to general triangles.
  • Explain volume formulas and use them to solve problems.
  • Understand and apply theorems about circles.

The Designing a Winner Project is designed to engage students in using geometry to sketch the design of a multipurpose arena. The arena design has four constraints: 

  1. It is located on 20 acres.
  2. It must seat 10,000 spectators.
  3. It must be capable of being converted for at least two outdoor sports.
  4. It must be able to serve as an entertainment venue when not in use as a sports field.

Students will go through a traditional design sequence of Predesign, Preliminary Drawings, and Final Drawings. At each step you should look for understanding and use of key geometry practices and knowledge to lay out the drawings.
At the conclusion of the project, teams will present their drawings in an attempt to ‘win’ the backing of city government for their design.

Project-based learning is designed to focus students on solving an open-ended problem and providing a solution to the problem through working in teams. Keeping this perspective in mind will be helpful. The new CCSS stress application and inquiry.

Your goal is to have students learn the fundamentals of geometry, but also to coach them through a process of thinking about geometry and applying geometric principles to real-world design challenges.