Getting to Know the Project: Note to Teachers

geometry-art-c.jpg Welcome to the Art of Triangles Project. The project will require approximately three-plus weeks to complete and will address the key CCSS for geometry in the following clusters:
• Prove geometric theorems.
• Make geometric constructions.
• Prove theorems involving similarity.
• Apply geometric concepts in modeling situations.

Before beginning the project, take time to review all the documents provided for this project.

Project-based learning is designed to focus students on solving an open-ended problem and providing a solution to the problem through working in teams. Keeping this perspective in mind will be helpful. The new CCSS stress application and inquiry.

Your goal is to have students learn the fundamentals of geometry, as defined by Unit 1 Traditional Geometry or Unit 5 Integrated Pathways standards, but also to coach them through a process of thinking about geometry.