How Random Is My Life? Overview

Unit Focus

How Random Is My Life? addresses priority CCSS for Unit 6 in Traditional Geometry. It also focuses students on Mathematical Practice 2, Reason abstractly and quantitatively, Mathematical Practice 4, Model with mathematics, and Mathematical Practice 8, Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.  

You can explore the CCSS here.

In addition, students will practice using online technologies and other resources for geometry. If you want to review the project outcomes again, go back to the Overview of Assessment

Timeline & Duration

  • 3 weeks, based on approximately 5 hours of class time per week
  • Project Rating: Intermediate to Advanced

Critical Area

Building on probability concepts that began in the middle grades, students use the languages of set theory to expand their ability to compute and interpret theoretical and experimental probabilities for compound events, attending to mutually exclusive events, independent events, and conditional probability. Students should make use of geometric probability models wherever possible. They use probability to make informed decisions.