Initiate Creative Inquiry and Form Teams

  1. Have students view the TED site and the first 9 minutes of David Kelley’s talk on how to build creative confidence (9 of 11 minutes). Ask if they can they think outside the box for this project, and how will they do that.
  2. Generate ideas and questions for the project. Use the Visible Thinking Routine Think-Puzzle-Explore to begin generating ideas for the project. This can be a whole class or group activity. Record questions and ideas on board or paper. Keep them up for the next few days.
  3. Assign or create teams of 4 students to begin project work.

Tips and Tools

The TED site includes posts on housing for the future.

If necessary, use the team-building resources to establish effective working teams. Suggested:

If necessary, introduce the rational for teamwork. This is a 21st century skill essential in the workplace.

Teams should establish a task list using the Project Milestones Checklist. This document can be filled out by hand, but will be modified as the project proceeds.

Start Daily Learning Logs for individuals or teams. If the logs will be graded, announce grading standards and expectations.

Have students enter their observations (what they learned, what they need to learn, etc) in their Daily Learning Logs.