Introduce Key Geometry Concepts Necessary for Floor Plans. Identify Research Tasks

  1. Teach students to construct congruent segments and angles, a perpendicular bisector, and an angle bisector. Introduce the midpoint formula. Have students find the midpoint in the coordinate plane and, when given a midpoint, find the other endpoint.
    Basic Constructions
    Midpoint and Distance in the Coordinate Plane
  2. Assign research tasks to team members focused on the four areas of research in the project: population growth, urbanization, energy efficiency, and changing tastes in design. 
  3. Remind students of parameters. Their model houses must accommodate a family of four. It can be a stand-alone dwelling, be part of a cluster, and use any shapes. Room for a vehicle or outdoor space is optional. 
  4. Introduce the Mathematical Practices Rubric and highlight how Mathematical Practice 4, Model with mathematics, and Mathematical Practice 5, Use appropriate tools strategically, will apply during the project.

Tips and Tools

Use an online tool for vocabulary building such as Visuwords. You can also have students download AccelaStudy to a smart phone or tablet to build on the key terms and vocabulary. 

Introduce students to Sketchometry or Geometer’s Sketchpad. Both are tools for use with geometry.
See the TED Talk Additional Resources which includes websites on urbanization, megacities, energy efficient houses, and futuristic design.

Highlight Mathematical Practice 4, Model with Mathematics. How will students link geometric knowledge to floor plans for the house of the future?