Introduce Reflections

  1. Introduce reflection as key term.
  2. Have students work in pairs or triads from their team and view three videos on reflections. These are student-created works from Students may choose, or you may to choose for them. Have them discuss and generate three questions about reflections, then share and answer questions together. Collect any questions that can’t be answered for guide to teaching.
  3. Have teams define reflections in the real world.
  4. Students practice drawing reflections or generating pictures of reflections.
  5. Teams brainstorm three bullet points for a message that markets reflections to teens.

Tips and Tools

Use an online tool for vocabulary building such as Visuwords. You can also have students download AccelaStudy to a smart phone or tablet to discuss variations of reflection.

Use this Khan Academy assessment on complementary and supplementary angles.

Highlight Mathematical Practice 1, Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, and Mathematical Practice 6, Attend to precision, on the Presentation and Performance Rubric.

Have students complete Daily Learning Logs