Introduce Symmetry

  1. Introduce the topic with The World Runs on Symmetry video. This is a high-level talk by a TED presenter on symmetry in math. (18 minutes)
  2. Discuss everyday examples of rotational or reflectional symmetry.
  3. Introduce key terms.
    Line symmetry
    Point symmetry
    Reflectional symmetry
    Rotational symmetry
  4. Prepare a short vocabulary quiz for these terms. You can use Quizlet. Or, you may choose to use this Khan Academy assessment on finding the axis of symmetry.

Tips and Tools

Teams identify examples of symmetry in the classroom or on campus. This can be a brief field trip around campus, if time permits.

Highlight Mathematical Practice 7, Look for and make use of structure, on the Mathematical Practices Rubric

Have students complete Daily Learning Logs.  

Collect and review logs for grading or feedback.