Introduce Translations

  1. Provide examples of transformation. (Trees through season, flip or rotate dominoes, etc.)
  2. Introduce key terms.
    Rigid motion
  3. Provide examples of rigid motions. (Isometries: Preimage to image)
  4. Have students view three main transformations. (Rotation, Reflection, Translation) This is from the Math Is Fun website. Students can manipulate the transformations on the screen.
  5. Introduce the Mathematical Practices Rubric and highlight how the eight practices will apply during the project.
  6. Prepare a short quiz on key terms or concepts to be given on Day 5. You may choose to use this] Khan Academy assessment on points, lines, and planes.

Tips and Tools

Use an online tool for vocabulary building such as Visuwords. You can also have students download AccelaStudy to a smart phone or tablet to build on the key terms and vocabulary. 

Highlight Mathematical Practice 7, Look for and Make Use of Structure, on the Mathematical Practices Rubric. Can students begin to discern patterns and structures around them?