Project Kickoff

Your Challenge: One real-world task is the ability to explain what you know to others. The challenge in this project is for older students to find common examples of right-angle geometry and use their geometric knowledge to create a lesson that explains Pythagorean principles to younger students in a way that is engaging, understandable, meaningful, and relevant.

Driving Question: How can we present the Pythagorean theorem to an audience of younger students in a way we know is understandable, relevant, and meaningful?

You will be assessed on (1) geometry content; (2) mathematical practices; (3) teamwork; (4) presentations and designs.

If you have no or little experience with PBL, your teacher may ask you to watch the video Project Based Learning: Explained (approximately 4 minutes) or a video on PBL and mathematics (approximately 30 minutes).

Watch this Khan Academy video on the Pythagorean Theorem (10 minutes) or view this Prezi on the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Watch the video: What’s the point of geometry? This is a clever video on the importance of geometry. (3 minutes)

  • Either individually or in teams, spend 20 minutes finding online resources for Pythagorean theorem, then discuss and generate questions or share observations.