Introduce the Pythagorean Theorem

  1. Introduce the Pythagorean theorem by introducing and testing Pythagorean triples. Find real-life pictures and add measurements to them, e.g. give students two sides of a triangle and have them find the value for the third side.
  2. Assign research and homework. Students should begin to take photos, find videos, or gather visual or factual information to be included in the final presentation. Due on Quiz Day.
  3. Introduce key terms.
    Acute triangle
    Isosceles triangle
    Pythagorean theorem
    Right triangle

Tips and Tools

Use an online tool for vocabulary building such as Visuwords. You can also have students download AccelaStudy to a smart phone or tablet to build on the key terms and vocabulary.

Have students enter their observations (what they learned, what they need to learn, etc) in their Daily Learning Logs.