Introduce the Four Kinds of Triangles and Key Concepts and Vocabulary

  1. Introduce the isosceles triangle theorem and its converse. Show students theorems support one another.  
  2. Introduce equilateral triangles and their properties.
  3. Introduce key terms. The vocabulary list for this project is extensive. Students will be familiar with some terms, while other will need to be taught or reviewed.
    Acute triangle
    Altitude of a triangle
    Corresponding angle
    Isosceles triangle
    Obtuse triangle
    Right triangle

Emphasize that students must be able to identify the types of triangles and explain them in artwork created by peers.

Tips and Tools

Use an online tool for vocabulary building such as Visuwords. You can also have students download AccelaStudy to a smart phone or tablet to build on the key terms and vocabulary. 

Highlight Mathematical Practice 3, Construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others, Mathematical Practice 5, Use appropriate tools strategically, and Mathematical Practice 7, Look for and make use of structure. Have students discuss the criteria on the Mathematical Practices Rubric and how the criteria may apply to their final products.