Prepare First Draft of Presentation for Review

  1. Teams create a first draft of the presentation.
  2. Teams use Circle of Viewpoints or other protocol from the Visible Thinking Routines to receive feedback and improve the draft before submitting it.
  3. Collect or view draft for feedback and/or grading.
  4. If available, students can upload drafts onto Curriki, Google Docs or similar site for online review. Students may be asked to write an online review or critique of the draft products.
  5. Create the presentation schedule and have teams sign up for time slots.

Tips and Tools

Use this Khan Academy assessment on finding the hypotenuse of a right triangle using the Pythagorean theorem.

This day is a critical milestone in the project. Have teams offer and receive feedback on their draft presentation. Have them analyze the draft product according to the Project Rubric. Is it compelling for teens? Convincing? Does it reference the historical significance of geometry? Does it show/teach concepts for this unit?

Teams should enter progress on the Project Milestones Checklist.

Have students enter their observations (what they learned, what they need to learn, etc) in their Daily Learning Logs