Suggested Pacing Guide

Curriki Geometry offers a suggested sequence for TED Talk: House of the Future, but the final calendar and sequence remain up to you. With project-based work, you often find the initial timeline will need to be modified.

The important goal is not to rush through the curriculum, but to see it as a problem-solving process that requires time. This is especially true when working with student teams. Teams may require extra days during the project to share and reflect on their draft products. As the facilitator, your primary goal is allow teams sufficient time to produce quality work.

It may be necessary to modify the project based on your circumstances, the needs of students, or the tools and technology available to you. The project can easily be done with paper, pencil, basic geometry tools, and posters. However, this guide contains many suggestions for using the wide array of digital resources available online including on Curriki.

A successful project requires that teachers prepare, plan and communicate before the project begins.