The Scenario and Challenge

This project introduces students to a brief history of geometry, geometric terms, geometric shapes, and transformation and manipulation of shapes through reflections, tessellations, and dilations. Students will form marketing teams to “sell” geometry by explaining key terms, demonstrating key shapes, and describing the significance of geometry to an audience.

The Scenario and Challenge

Present this Scenario and Challenge to your students:

movie.pngEuclid, the “Father of Geometry,” recently (well, not so recently…in the third century BC) decided to start a teen club for interested geometry students. Euclid needs a marketing campaign to explain the importance of geometry and the basic principles. This won’t be enough, however. He needs a clever name for the club and an engaging marketing message to appeal to an audience who may not know how geometry is used in the real world, or why it’s critical to so many areas of modern life. Fortunately, through the benefits of time travel, he can take advantage of the Internet. His goal is to market the club to teenagers. To do this, he has invited several teams of young experts to compete for the prize of best presentation. Euclid will accept a webpage, a slide show, an eye-catching poster, or a flyer to get his message out. The presentation is up to you; it just needs to be engaging and informative.

He also knows he needs to update his message. He wants a new motto to go over the entrance to the club.

Your team has been chosen to enter the competition. Your challenge is to design and present a presentation that tells young people why Euclid feels strongly about geometry, and to use specific terms, shapes, and transformations to show what geometry teaches us, why it’s useful, and where it applies to the world around us. You will also create a name and motto for Euclid’s new club.

The Driving Question

Present this Driving Question to your students:

How can we, as a team of young geometry specialists, create a presentation aimed at teens that combines geometric information and historical facts about geometry to explain the significance of geometry to their lives?