The Scenario and Challenge

This project allows students to apply the geometric principles of triangles, volume, and coordinates to the mapping and design of a multipurpose arena in a limited area. The arena must serve as a venue that can be easily converted for use by two sports, plus serve as a concert venue if needed. Students will form design teams to create a map showing how the arena can be converted for the two sports. The map will be accompanied by a hand-built model or a digital design using Google SketchUp. In the final presentations, the map and design ideas will be presented to the local City Council.

The Scenario and Challenge

Present this Scenario and Challenge to your students:

The local City Council has expressed interest in building a multipurpose arena/stadium on 20-acres at the edge of town. This is rather a small piece of land for the purpose, but it can be configured in various ways and need not be a rectangle. In addition, in your town people enjoy a variety of sports and activities, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, Motocross, and horsemanship. The town has also expressed great interest in having a venue for music concerts. The City Council cannot decide which sports to emphasize, nor are they sure how the arena would also accommodate concerts. However, they have decided that the arena must be able to accommodate at least 10,000 spectators. Fortunately, an adjacent parcel provides ample parking. The City Council would like to hear preliminary proposals from citizens for a multipurpose arena with a field or court for one sport, but which can also be easily adapted for a second sport and a concert.  

Your team has chosen one sport that you would like to see in the new arena. You have six weeks to create a map showing the exact dimensions of the arena and the field or court for your sport, including how the arena will be placed on the 20 acre site and where the field/court will be located in the arena. The map must also show the location of the bleachers or seats, and the access routes from the adjacent parking area into the arena. You must also show how your design can easily be adapted for a second sport and a concert when necessary. You must also be able to show how 10,000 spectators can be seated to view any event, including the use of moveable bleachers.

Your map will be accompanied by either a hand-built scale model or a Google SketchUp model of the arena and the field/court area.

The Driving Question

Present this Driving Question to your students:

How can we, as a team of local citizens, propose a winning design for a multipurpose arena for our favorite sport?