The Scenario and Challenge

movie.png In this project, you will work through and master basic problems in probability, and then apply that knowledge to authentic issues in which statistics and probability play large roles. You will be given the opportunity to research a topic that YOU choose.

The Scenario and Challenge

You will form marketing research teams to investigate statistics and probability applications in areas of life relevant to your future and safety. You may choose their own topic, but must do initial research showing that probability and statistics apply to the topic. If you cannot find a topic, or your teacher prefers to assign topics, you may research one of four predetermined topics:

  1. Driving and cell phone use
  2. Diet and health
  3. Professional athletics
  4. Costs associated with a college education

Each team will use the statistics to create a public service message for teens. Based on your findings, you will determine what recommendations you have for your fellow students. The public service message presentation can be digital, in the form of a website, Prezi, PowerPoint, or something more inventive. If technology is not available, you can create a skit, song, or game. The presentation cannot be longer than 5 minutes.

Even experts in probability often find probability to be confusing and counter-intuitive. The challenge in this project is to understand probability and then examine your intuitive sense of luck or chance and compare it to the logic described by probability theory. After working though common probability problems and investigating current issues affected by probability, you will exit the project with an appreciation for probability and the knowledge that decisions lead to probable outcomes.

The Driving Question

In this project, the you will craft the final Driving Question for your own particular focus of study, using the following template:

How can we use statistics and probability to advocate successfully for making informed decisions about [blank]?