The Scenario and Challenge

movie.pngOne real-world task is the ability to explain what you know to others. The challenge in this project is for older students to find common examples of right-angle geometry and use their geometric knowledge to create a lesson that explains Pythagorean principles to younger students in a way that is engaging, understandable, meaningful, and relevant.

The Scenario and Challenge

You will create a five minute lesson on the Pythagorean theorem suitable for an elementary audience. The lesson may be digital, such a web page or a video, or it may be a song, skit, or game if technology is not available. The lesson must include key facts about right triangles, the Pythagorean theorem and its proof, and at least one real-world application. You can choose their own examples or choose from a list:

  1. Building a wheelchair ramp for a family member
  2. Fitting a flat screen TV into an existing entertainment center
  3. Adding an additional room and roof onto a building
  4. Manufacturing a tent
  5. Showing Pythagorean examples from existing school buildings.

You must also be able to answer the Driving Question by demonstrating that your presentation or performance led to engagement and understanding by the audience.

You can choose your specific audience, ranging from lower elementary to middle school students. Remember, how you explain something to a first or second grader is much different than explaining to a 4th or 5th grader!

The Driving Question

How can we present the Pythagorean theorem to an audience of younger students in a way we know is understandable, relevant, and meaningful?